Vision and values

Our vision is for Hjort to be the leading law firm in our legal fields

Know what’s needed

Hjort’s success rests on the knowledge and experience of its legal staff. We combine in-depth legal knowledge with an understanding of the client’s situation, allowing us to tailor the advice we give to achieve the best overall results for the client. Since knowledge underpins everything we do, we provide our staff with excellent opportunities for ongoing professional training and personal development. By organising the firm into broad practice groups, individual lawyers are able to focus on their special area of expertise, while benefiting from the experience built up by the other members of the same team.  

Get the job done

We work with the client to achieve the client’s desired outcome. We realise that matters are often time-critical for the client, so we take the initiative and keep the case moving forward as efficiently as possible. Our lawyers are relentless in seeking solutions, no matter how complex the case or seemingly deadlocked the situation. And we always take care to keep the client apprised of how the case is progressing.  

Work together

Teamwork is fundamental to the quality of our legal services. Team spirit is crucial if we are to deliver the successful outcomes that our clients expect as effectively as possible. Our teams are made up of the most competent lawyers in the area concerned; lawyers who take extreme pride in the quality of their work. Our commitment and dedication are clearly reflected in the firm’s day-to-day business and its outstanding results.

Be responsive

Our paramount priority is to take care of our clients, understand their situations and respond to their needs. We are always available to our clients and reply promptly to their enquiries. We are open and honest with clients, and explain things in plain language. We treat everyone, be they clients, opponents, courts, public authorities or other parties, with appropriate courtesy, respect and regard.

See the big picture

Working within a variety of specialised legal fields has enabled us to build up a broad professional base and given us experience of many areas of society. The diversity of our staff reflects the diversity of our clients and the cases we handle. For us it is important to see the client’s case in a wider legal perspective, so we can be sure that the advice we give is as watertight as possible.