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Property development

We assist in all phases of a property development project, from initial idea to final completion. At every stage, from planning, zoning and construction to its sale, there are a myriad of legal issues that must be dealt with. We have extensive experience and specialist expertise in all types of property development and transformation projects.

We know where the biggest challenges lie and how to resolve them, and we help our clients to establish a sound structure for the project to safeguard a successful outcome.

Typical examples of areas where legal assistance is often required include:

  • the purchase/sale of property, including contract negotiations, public and private law due diligence,
  • contact with the local authority regarding zoning plans, negotiation of development contracts, reimbursement claims, planning applications, etc.,
  • securing access rights and extending technical infrastructures across property lines and
  • ownership issues (e.g. incorporation as a limited company or general partnership).

Our objective is to help our clients achieve their goals without unforeseen problems, and ensure that any disputes which may arise along the way are resolved smoothly and effectively. We want you to feel well looked after throughout the entire process.

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