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Leasehold management

Hjort has the country's foremost legal practice for leasehold property matters.

Over many years, new legislation and legal precedence has changed the situation faced by both the freeholder and the leaseholder, and the legal position remains unclear with respect to a number of key issues. Hjort’s attorneys make up Norway’s foremost group of experts within the field of leasehold law.

Our lawyers have litigated numerous cases on matters of principle relating to leasehold entitlements, right up to the Norwegian Supreme Court and the European Court of Human Rights. No one knows the ins and outs of leasehold law better than us.

While we generally represent freeholders, we also have experience of assisting leaseholders. Our expertise extends to both commercial and residential leasehold,

and encompasses areas such as:  •    regulation of the ground rent •    enfranchisement and termination •    negotiation of new contracts  •    dispute resolution