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Real estate has long been a key focus area for Hjort, and we accept commissions from almost every part of the real estate sector. We make sure we are always easily accessible to our clients, and we provide them with the help they need quickly and effectively, so that they can realise their projects and increase their value creation. We make every effort to stay abreast of developments in the property business and the sector-specific issues that can come up.

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As a result, we have specialist expertise in all aspects of real estate law, with particular emphasis on planning and building law and leasehold issues. Indeed, in this area, our practice is one of Norway’s strongest and most well respected. Our attorneys have extensive and wide-ranging experience, gained not only from years of working in the legal sector, but also from a variety of positions in public administration and the courts. Our combined experience allows us to accurately identify our clients’ needs and determine how the matter can be handled as quickly and effectively as possible. Our lawyers work closely together, drawing on each other’s expertise across their different legal specialisations.

We assist several of the country’s largest property companies, offering advice and resolving disputes in all phases of a real estate project, including property developments and transformations. We can help you from start to finish. If you contact us early in the process, we can help you take the steps necessary to ensure its smooth progression and increase the likelihood of you achieving your objectives.

In addition to planning the project’s overall strategy, we can help along the way to diffuse conflicts between contractual partners, private parties and the authorities – with the constant aim of bringing the project to a successful conclusion. We place great emphasis on providing solutions-oriented advice that contributes to the value creation you are seeking.

Should a dispute, despite our best efforts, end up in court, our real estate expertise, combined with our excellent litigation skills, will enable us to provide you with first-class assistance.

Typical clients include property developers and owners of large property portfolios who focus mainly on management and operations. We also accept a large number of commissions from public sector clients, including local authorities, as well as private individuals.

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