Maintaining the highest ethical standards is a fundamental premise for everything we do. In addition to operating strictly within Norway's legislative and regulatory framework, we have established our own code of conduct. Our legal and support staff are fully aware of the firm's requirements with regard to professional standards and ethical behaviour.

At the moment, Hjort’s code of conduct is available only in Norwegian. However, the following key principles underpin its provisions:

A lawyer’s task is to promote justice and prevent injustice.

A lawyer has a duty to look after their client’s interests to the best of their ability and within the confines of the law, irrespective of the potential for personal gain or risk, political opinion, race, religion or extraneous considerations.

A lawyer should not identify with the client, and is entitled not to be identified with the standpoints they express on behalf of their client and the client’s interests.

A lawyer has a duty to act as both advisor and spokesperson for their client.

A lawyer is entitled to choose for themselves whether to accept or decline a case.

Hjort refuses to be involved in or assist with any unethical business practices.


Hjorts Ethics Committee

  • Erling O. Lyngtveit
  • Sveinung O. Flaaten



Hjort’s code of conduct and The Norwegian Bar Association guidelines for defence counsel:

The firm’s code of conduct (only in Norwegian)
The Norwegian Bar Association’s guidelines for defence counsel (only in Norwegian)