Public sector

Hjort is a leading provider of legal services to the public sector. We also assist many private-sector companies and individuals in matters concerning the public authorities. Our objective is always to find good solutions that meet our clients' needs.

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The public authorities play many roles. Public bodies can act not only as makers and executors of the law, but also as owners, employers, purchasers or contractual counterparties. Hjort has excellent insight into these roles, and knows the rules applicable in each case. This is crucial if we are to provide accurate and effective assistance to both the public authorities themselves and to private parties in their dealings with them.

Our attorneys have previous experience of working for the EFTA Surveillance Authority (ESA), the Office of the Norwegian Attorney General, the City Attorney’s Office in Oslo, the Prime Minister’s Office and various government ministries. Several have also held positions in companies in which the state is a major shareholder. In addition, our lawyers are highly experienced litigators. This ensures our advice is extremely precise and effective.