Professional liability

Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA offers sound and effective assistance in all areas relating to the law of torts.


Questions relating to liability can arise in a variety of contexts, both between contracting parties and between parties who have not entered into any agreement. Our lawyers have extensive experience from the majority of areas relating to tort law, as counsel for the injured party or the alleged wrongdoer. We provide advice and represent clients in court if the case cannot be resolved amicably. In this connection, it is often necessary to clarify insurance-related issues, particularly with regard to whether any liability is covered by insurance.

Hjort has a particularly strong position within the following areas of tort law:

Professional liability, i.e. cases involving claims against professional business people. We number several of the country’s largest auditing and law firms among our clients, but we also assist companies and private individuals who have not received the services they could reasonably expect. In addition, we have represented numerous clients who have sued banks and other financial institutions on the grounds that they provided inadequate advice or behaved in other ways that caused them to incur liability.

Board liability , i.e. cases relating to board members’ personal liability. Claims against board members may be submitted by the company whose board the person was a member of, or by the company’s business associates (a particularly practical move after the company has gone into liquidation).

Cases relating to professional and board liability are often extensive, complex and involve large sums of money. Hjort’s highly experienced lawyers can offer expert assistance in such cases.