Inquiries and compliance

For many years, Hjort's lawyers have helped private and public sector enterprises to perform independent inquiries into alleged wrongdoing or other matters, as well as to prevent and manage crisis situations.


When it is suspected that an organisation may be involved in wrongdoing of some kind, tough decisions must generally be made under severe time pressure – often based on limited knowledge of the facts. Modern corporate governance and risk management requires that matters be resolved effectively, should irregularities be discovered. Many find that legal, financial, ethical, personnel and reputational considerations pull in different directions, and that relations between those involved, and between the board and management, can become severely strained.

Interdisciplinary basis for crisis prevention and management

For many years, Hjort has helped businesses in the public and private sectors to prevent and manage crisis situations. Norwegian and international regulations are constantly evolving. Hjort has a rare combination of strong expertise in the fields of commercial and administrative law, and a substantial criminal law practice, defending both companies and private individuals. This interdisciplinary expertise strengthens our ability to assess a company’s risk exposure and need for preventive measures. At the same time, it provides a solid foundation for providing advice on matters relating to emergency preparedness and crisis management strategies that address the needs of the market, the workforce, the authorities, the general public and the prosecution service.

Lawyers with experience of litigation and alternative dispute resolution mechanisms

Many of Hjort’s lawyers have considerable experience as defence counsel for businesses under investigation. Several have extensive experience from the prosecution service. This gives us first-hand knowledge of what really counts when specific cases come up for assessment by public prosecutors or in the courts. As a result, we know what businesses must do to avoid censure and criminal liability

Lawyers with commercial business experience

Several of Hjort’s partners have served extensively on company boards and held senior management positions and government appointments. They also have considerable media relations experience. We believe that this gives us a greater understanding of the issues, as well as insight into the way in which legal processes must be combined with the need to maintain business operations and restore confidence in the company – both internally and externally.