Employment and Corporate Governance

Transnational employment

Today's labour market is increasingly mobile, with people often going abroad to work. Companies with expat staff face a number of challenges relating to employee rights and employment terms across national borders. Many Norwegian firms have therefore found themselves in need of non-Norwegian legal expertise.

Ius Laboris 2016

Ius Laboris – an international network of HR and employment law attorneys

Through our international networks, we always have access to legal expertise where we need it. One of our networks is Ius Laboris , which comprises lawyers and legal specialists in all key areas associated with working life and the labour market. Membership of this network ensures that our clients receive a rapid and seamless response to any legal issues relating to non-Norwegian law.

The network has members in 44 countries, and is represented in a total of 141 cities. More than 2,500 lawyers are linked through the Ius Laboris network.

This international connection not only strengthens our expertise in the field of employment law, it also makes it easier to effectively help clients who need legal assistance elsewhere than in Norway.

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