Cross-Border Copyright Guide 2018

We are delighted to present the TerraLex Cross-Border Copyright Guide 2018


Hjort is pleased to present TerraLex Cross-Border Guide to Copyright 2018.

Copyright rules across national boundaries are becoming increasingly relevant to businesses, particularly as the digital market makes its impact felt on all industry sectors. Issues such as digital content portability, pirated content and copyright licensing models now appear high on legislative agendas around the world and businesses need to be nimble enough to operate in an environment in which the creative industries operate globally, but copyright law still varies by jurisdiction.

This Guide draws together contributions from copyright experts in territories, including Hjort's lawyer, Monica Syrdal, we have found are key to global businesses. We hope you will find the Guide a useful resource for getting to grips with the framework of copyright law in each of those territories, safe in the knowledge that if further specialist advice is needed, it’s only a call or email away.



You can find the guide her.