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Home shopping

Home shopping encompasses not only the online buying and selling of goods and services, but also the performance of other business processes via digital media.

E-commerce concept

The online provision of products and services is becoming increasingly common, at the same time as eCommerce opens the way for new enterprises and business models that often change the rules of the game through disruptive technologies and innovative payment models. In addition, eCommerce often has a transnational dimension, in that products and services are delivered across national borders. This often raises significant issues with regard to data protection and privacy.

We are extremely knowledgeable about the issues that can arise in relation to eCommerce and online contracting, and have wide-ranging experience of helping at the start-up of online services and their marketing, as well as general dispute resolution in this area. We know how eCommerce can add value and how companies can avoid or limit undesired risks.

The services we supply in this area include:

  • Online contracting
  • Electronic signatures
  • Payment and money transfers in connection with eCommerce
  • Issues relating to transnational business activities
  • Contract terms in connection with eCommerce
  • Standard terms and conditions for websites
  • Use of customer data
  • Consumer cancellation rights in connection with eCommerce



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